Watch: The dark web’s secret weapons

The dark net is a mysterious and largely unregulated network of websites and forums where the illegal distribution of drugs, child pornography and other illicit material is commonplace.

It’s also a place where criminals can make a living selling their services on a dark web marketplace, known as “darknet markets.”

There are also hidden services like the dark web, which allow users to browse through the internet without leaving their home.

It was a secret weapon for the U.S. government to spy on millions of people, including thousands of people living in Canada.

“The dark web has a lot of vulnerabilities,” said Mark Russinovich, a cybersecurity expert at the University of Toronto.

“There’s a lot more to it than we know.”

For the government, the dark net was crucial to the operation of its covert spy program, Operation X, and to the success of the secret data-mining program codenamed Operation Prism, which the government said is still in use.

The darknet was also the location of the Tor network, a network of encrypted communication software that was used by many internet users to mask their IP addresses.

In June 2016, Canada’s top intelligence official, Stephen Harper, announced the creation of a new “digital surveillance capability” to counter the threat from the darknet.

The digital surveillance capability is designed to detect malicious activity on the darknets and other websites, and the new capabilities, which are not yet operational, are being funded through the RCMP’s Cybersecurity Intelligence Unit.

The RCMP says the new digital surveillance capabilities will enable it to identify and disrupt activities in the darkweb that would not otherwise be detected by the RCMP.

In a statement, the RCMP said that it has “the capability and resources to investigate malicious activity, disrupt it, disrupt the flow of funds and resources, and disrupt communications.”

It says the RCMP will work with private firms to provide the information necessary to build the new capability.

In December, the government announced that it had obtained a warrant from a federal court to use the RCMP to target websites hosting child pornography, but the RCMP has yet to formally deploy the capabilities, although the federal government says it will use them.

The government said that the RCMP is now working with companies to develop new ways to use digital surveillance, such as “digital handcuffs” and “digital net combats.”

The government’s new digital intelligence capability has been controversial, with critics saying it could allow the RCMP and other law enforcement agencies to monitor online communications without a warrant.

The new digital handcuffs technology is designed not only to monitor internet traffic, but also to gather information on online activities that would otherwise be blocked, such the posting of inappropriate content or the posting to chat rooms of content that would be deemed “harmful to the public health.”

The RCMP is also using the new technology to collect and store information on Tor users.

Tor, a website used by millions of Tor users worldwide, has been used by criminals to circumvent censorship and surveillance regimes.

Tor is used by some internet users, but it has also been used to hide illegal activities, including child pornography.

Tor has been targeted by governments in other countries, including Australia, Brazil, the United Kingdom and South Korea.

The Tor network was developed by a group of internet security researchers called the Tor Project in 1999.

It is now run by a private company called Netroots Nation.

In 2014, the Tor project announced it had been shut down and its website had been taken offline.

“We’re deeply disappointed to learn that the Government of Canada is attempting to seize Tor’s assets,” the Tor Network said in a statement.

“Tor was built by a small group of dedicated and talented people who are passionate about protecting the freedom of expression online.”

The Tor Project says it has not received any formal government requests for its assets, but that it is “extremely concerned” by the new government’s plans.

The organization says the government is trying to “force the public sector to operate in a virtual world in which the Internet itself is effectively controlled by the state.”

The Harper government says Tor’s shutdown was due to the “criminal threat” posed by its use, and it has sought to use other online privacy services to prevent the use of the dark-net by other governments.

The Harper Government says it is reviewing how it can use the Tor technology, and will consider whether to create a new law that would require Tor to provide information about users, such a requirement would apply to all websites, not just Tor.

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