How to get a job with Gap online: What you need to know

A few years ago, Gap was selling an online job search platform.But, as the company has grown, it’s moved on to offering a more robust service with tools for developers

World’s biggest smoking mountain has been named after a former Washington Post reporter

Washington (AFP) – The world’s biggest smokey-mountain is being named after Washington Post columnist Tim Wolfe, whose 2010 book “We Have All the Money in the World” inspired the film

When can you use the internet with a webcam?

Can I use my webcam on the internet?When I’m on my phone?Yes!There are some exceptions.For example, if you have a camera connected to your computer, you can use it on

How to Be More Cute With Your Kitchen Dish

When we’re at home, our house is our kitchen.We love our house, and our home is our kitchens.And when we’re out on the street, our kitchens are our kitchens, too.We’re

Why does the internet hate ‘The Avengers’?

The Internet is obsessed with ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’.So much so that it has a movie in it, and it’s a bad one.The movie is directed by David Ayer (The

Which browsers are the most popular? We’ll be looking at the top 10 today, but we can’t ignore the best web browsers.

Posted October 20, 2018 11:59am PT The browser wars are back!In a bid to get their browsers on top of everyone’s radar, here’s a look at the ten most popular

Watch: The dark web’s secret weapons

The dark net is a mysterious and largely unregulated network of websites and forums where the illegal distribution of drugs, child pornography and other illicit material is commonplace.It’s also a

How to Survive in India’s Food Security Crisis

The Indian government has been forced to ration food supplies and introduce new food restrictions after a string of deadly earthquakes and floods killed over 1,000 people and forced millions

How to spot spider web eyeliners

By Mark Strickson, BBC News website and apps correspondentThe world’s biggest spiderweb eyeliner is now a thing of the past.The world first spider web, which can grow to lengths of

What we know about the Ghana web toons

The first web toon from Ghana was launched in February of 2017, and it’s the only one from the country’s current Olympic era.It’s an amalgam of the web and the

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