How to install Brave on Linux, Mac, and Windows?

Brave, the open source browser, is available for free on the web, and is now available on the Linux and Mac platforms.Brave is the result of a collaboration between Mozilla

What’s the Dark Web?

The dark web is a series of websites that offer services such as malware and scams that are harder to access on the regular internet.The sites offer an opportunity for

A woman’s words of encouragement to a man who is being stalked by a group of men

A man who has been subjected to a series of abusive messages on social media from a group he says are trying to kill him has told his story.The man,

Wei spirit grill,webb spirit grill 2nd iteration is here

Wei spirit Grill is the second iteration of the web series that follows the lives of two women who are cooking for the sake of their husbands.The series was launched

How to pay your rent online using bitcoin and other digital currencies

Aussie financial services company Futweb has developed a simple way for Australians to pay their rent using bitcoin.Futweb is the first Australian financial services firm to accept digital currencies, and

What is Google Earth?

On the first page of Google Earth, the Google Maps site, it says, “Google Earth is a website dedicated to creating beautiful, interactive, and interactive visualizations of the Earth and

Volkswagen diesels in Australia

Volkswagen has announced the company has ceased production of its diesel engines in Australia, after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said the company’s diesel emissions tests did not comply

Weber smoker breaks up with wife after her new boyfriend says he’s not her ‘boyfriend’

Weber’s latest divorce from his wife of nearly three years has left the former Hollywood actor in a state of disarray.Weber has since said that the new boyfriend was his

How to Get Your First Paid Video App Job with a Startup, Says William Charlotte’s web

In September, William Charlotte, co-founder and CEO of Wilbur charling, announced that he was going to invest $25 million in a startup to build an online video platform for the

How We Got Weber com’s Web Browser to be Free of DRM and Privacy Concerns

Webercom is a Chrome browser that lets users watch YouTube videos, listen to music, and use social media.In the past, it has been targeted by copyright holders, who want to

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